New! We are proud to announce our new

Bamboo Fly Reels!


Available again in April/May 2016!

(while supply lasts!)


We are now offering our unique, elegant, proprietary

"Bamboo" Fly Reels!

These reels were designed for simplicity and aesthetic beauty. They are very basic with no drag system or other frills. They are available in two sizes: 3/4 line weight and 4/5 line weight in black color with a genuine hexagonal bamboo handle, protective bag and distinct click.

These are high quality reels made for us by our local friends at Galvan Fly Reels, in Sonora California.


PLEASE NOTE: The logo in the pictures will NOT be engraved on our new reels. Our name and made in USA will be engraved instead on the reel's foot in small font.



Reel Specifications:

Model Line Wt. Size Diameter/Width Weight Backing (approx.) Price
2.5" x 1"
3.5 oz.
WF3-75/WF4-50 yds.
2.75" x 1"
3.9 oz.
WF4-75/WF5-50 yds.



The spool resistance can be adjusted to your liking as follows:

Step 1:

Carefully separate the spool from the reel body by grasping the top and bottom of the reel with one hand and pulling the spool out with the other hand on the sides of the spool. Please be careful as the spool will suddenly pop-out.

Step 2:

Using the supplied 1/16" Allen wrench adjust the spool resistance by turning the nut clockwise to increase resistance or counter-clockwise the decrease resistance.

Here is a more detailed view of the adjustment.



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Specifications subject to change without notice.
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