Our Custom High Sierra Barstock Fly Reels



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We are proud to offer a Custom High Sierra version of the famous Galvan traditional Standard fly reel. The Standard fly reel is for the angler who prefers the classic styling and solid performance of a standard arbor reel. This moderately priced, high-quality reel is available in sizes for 2 through 6 weight rods and is salt water safe. These reels carry a lifetime warranty to the original owner.

The silent retrieve and quiet, pleasing outgoing click will make you feel like part of the river; no harsh clicking or clacking to echo off the canyon walls here. Changing retrieve direction on the Galvan is as easy as flipping over the clutch. This light, smooth, simply elegant reel has to be seen and felt to be appreciated.

The Drag system is made from stainless steel and Ertalyte (a state-of-the-art, heat and wear-resistant thermoplastic unlike anything else on the reel market.) The Ertalyte disc is used as a brake mechanism. It is sandwiched between stainless steel surfaces to cause smooth, constant drag pressure in any setting. The spool is riding on two stainless steel ball-bearings to insure smoothness as the fish takes line. The spool has two pins on the bottom that drop into the stainless steel ring. Turning the spool one way will allow the spring inside the stainless steel ring (clutch) to turn freely; the other way will engage the drag. It is a simple design, but very effective. The Standard and Open Back reels utilize the same drag system.

Model/Diameter Weight Line & Backing Reel Price *Rod Discount
3.8 oz.
WF-2-F 35 yd
WF-3-F 20 yd
4.1 oz.
WF-3-F 80 yd
WF-4-F 60 yd
4.3 oz.
WF-4-F 105 yd
WF-5-F 85 yd
4.6 oz.
WF-5-F 160 yd
WF-6-F 130 yd
* For customers that purchase a rod, reel and line package we will discount the rod price by this amount.
Specifications subject to change without notice.
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